A Whistle Stop Tour of Brighton

After spending 5 years living and studying in Brighton, I thought it would be the perfect city to help me start my blog! This seaside town is known for its alternative atmosphere and is the perfect city for a weekend getaway, or just a day-trip.

Brighton Pier 


The pier is possibly one of Brighton’s most iconic attractions; and rightly so. The pier was opened in 1899, but has since been populated with a huge variety of arcade games, roller-coasters and restaurants. The numerous benches on either side of the walkway also give a perfect view of the entire beach if you just want to relax and soak up the beautiful scenery. When night falls, the seafront transforms into a vibrant nightlife district, and you can head to one of the many clubs (Lola Los being my personal favourite) to dance the night away!

The Royal Pavilion 


The Brighton Pavilion helps to show off the quirkier side of Brighton, with its unusual blend of Chinese and Indian influence in its design. It was built in three stages, starting in 1787, as a seaside retreat for George IV and has since become a major tourist attraction for the city. You can either buy a ticket and be toured around the interior of the palace or just lounge around in the beautiful gardens.

Get lost in the Lanes 


Full of winding narrow streets, the Lanes is the perfect place to discover a variety of independent shops, selling everything from clothes through to antiques. If the shopping gets too much, the Lanes also has endless cafes and restaurants where you can rest your feet or grab a bite to eat, whilst being serenaded by a talented busker playing at the end of the street.


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No post about Brighton would be complete without mention of Pompoko. This small Japanese restaurant is so popular with locals that there are often huge queues all the way down the street. With generously sized main courses priced around £4.20 it is completely understandable why people are happy to wait for a table. This is the perfect restaurant to give you a break from all the shopping and sightseeing, but just make sure you get there early to avoid disappointment (as you can’t book!).


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