Parisian Food – The Good, The Bad and the Never Again…

My original plan was to write a post about all the different must have places to go and see when you’re in Paris, but as I was looking through my pictures from my recent trip, I realised that almost all of them are of the same thing. Food. Paris is known for its huge variety of cuisine, and unsurprisingly me and my friend Molly had a good go at exploring all of the options available (not all of them delicious, might I add).

Whenever someone comes up to me saying they have good news and bad news, I always want the bad first… so here goes.

The Bad


Exhausted from the train journey from London, and navigating the streets of Paris to find our hostel, Molly and I needed refuelling. Needless to say, our fatigue resulted in us choosing convenience over quality, and led us to an incredibly mediocre burger restaurant near our hostel (about 5 minutes from Gare du Nord). We then both proceeded to eat very average burgers and chips for an extortionate price (as only tourists would be stupid enough to eat there). The only thing I gained from that experience was probably a lot of extra weight, and the knowledge that I was never going to make that mistake again!

The Good

Despite the slightly negative beginning to this post, I promise it’s all up from here! After our rather rocky start, we then made a conscious effort to eat at local, cheap but tasty places and it really paid off.



After an entire day of sightseeing, we dragged ourselves blistered, bruised, and lost through the winding streets to find this little gem; and can I just say how glad I am we persevered. I can honestly say that this tiny quirky restaurant made some of the best tacos I’ve ever tasted at the incredible price of 6 euros! And if you weren’t ready to part with this place after your meal, you could head to the bar, round the back, to try out some of their cocktails.

Saravanaa Bhavan



Towards the middle of our week in Paris we found ourselves to be edging on side of broke, and so headed up to Saravanaa Bhavan for a filling, but super cheap dinner (especially great to line the stomach before a big night). This South Indian restaurant serves only vegetarian dishes, but that didn’t stop the locals from queuing to get a table. If I’m completely honest I had no idea what I ordered, and I still wasn’t sure when it arrived, but what I can say for certain was that the food was great and it was at a very affordable price, so it should definitely be on your list next time you’re in Paris!

Gustave, Pigalle


Last but by no means least is Gustave Pigalle (if anything this was probably my favourite place we ate the entire week). This little sandwich bar made Claps, which is essentially a sandwich wrapped in a tortilla, which is then toasted. You can choose from loads of different fillings, but the one that I picked had chicken, bacon, cheese, apple, tomatoes and lots more! It was delicious to say the least, and kept me going all day because the portion was huge! For 7.50 euros I couldn’t recommend it enough!



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