A locals Guide To Sydney Beaches

After living in Australia for 10 years… I think it’s time that I finally do a post on Sydney! Out of all the countries I’ve ever been too, I have to say that Sydney is by far my favourite, and a part of me will always call it home. There are some magnificent beaches, all around Australia, but I thought I’d dedicate this post to the ones specifically in Sydney!

I thought I might as well start with the most famous ones… and then work my way down to the ones which mainly the locals know about, so here goes…



Bondi is arguably one of Sydney’s most famous beaches, it even has a TV show about it called Bondi Rescue, and I have to say that I think it deserves its reputation. Not only does the beach span for miles with glimmering, crystal clear water but there is also a huge abundance of space for those who just want to work on their tan. If you’re into surfing, there is a great surf school called Let’s Go Surfing where you can book private lessons, or even book yourself onto a surf school. I’ve used them quite a few times for surfing lessons, and I’d definitely recommend them (they were especially good with a complete novice like me!)

The other great thing about Bondi is that there is a walkway that takes you all along the coast to multiple different beaches ( like Mackenzies Bay, and Tamarama Beach), with breath taking views. All you have to do to find it is head towards the Bondi Icebergs Club, and the path will be right in front of you.



Although I’d have to say I probably prefer Bondi, Manly is definitely a must have visit if you’re looking for some of the biggest and most popular beaches in Sydney. On top of the incredible waves, it also has a nice promenade behind the line of trees with lots of cafes and restaurants if you need a break from the scorching sun.

Another great thing about Manly is the journey there (if you’re not already based around there). Make sure you take the Manly ferry from Circular Quay and it will take you straight there, but across the Sydney Harbour, where you get some incredible views.


Now lets move on to the slightly more interesting, and less well known beaches…


Balmoral Beach is a lot smaller than the previous two I’ve mentioned, and you won’t get huge waves, so it won’t suit surfers.. but if you want to swim without the constant fear of a huge wave pushing you under, then this is the perfect place for you.

Like Manly, it also has an array of restaurants and cafes on the promenade, that are perfect for a break if you’re not too keen on going on the beach.

Nielsen’s Park Beach

This would possibly have to be my favourite beach of all time, in Sydney.


This beach is tucked away, on the walk from Rose Bay to Watsons Bay, and therefore isn’t often known by tourists and is more of a beach for locals. Similarly to Balmoral, this beach is a lot smaller, and is more suited to swimming rather than surfing or body boarding, but I highly recommend a visit! Get a ferry to Rose Bay and then do the walk round the coast until you end up here… there is also a park called Neilsens Park which is right next to the beach, and can provide some much needed shelter from the sun in the summer months!

Chowder Bay

This would possibly be one of the harder beaches to get to as a tourist, as most locals come by boat, but it’s definitely worth it!


This secluded bay is often quite quiet as it is hidden away, and not a huge tourist destination (as most don’t know about it).

I would also make sure you look out for Ice-cream boats if you ever do go to Chowder Bay.  Although this happens on most of the smaller beaches, Ice-cream boats make regular trips here! They pull up next to the boats moored, and then pull up on the shore, and sell icre-cream, coffees etc.. so make sure you have cash on you!


** Source for the Featured Image




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